The History of Animation

Instructor: Amy Johnson

Grade Level: ALL

The Power-Point for this lesson features active .gif file animations that create flashing. This is a SERIOUS health hazard for students with epilepsy. Be aware for of any students you have with epilepsy and/or any students who show signs of reacting poorly physically to the flashing. Should your classroom have students with epilepsy: Delete the flashing imagery in the Power-Point and instead show the students actual exemplars of the animations. Follow the instructions and goals of the students’ IEP. For students who need more structure/rules, take the time to have some independent instruction with them. Have the student mimic the technique back to you, so you can assure mastery.

This is the keystone presentation for the entire "Origins of Animation" art unit. . This presentation takes students from the rudimentary toys that were the precursors of animation all the way through the modern-day advancements used to create the movie, "Avatar." Whenever you see a link embedded in the presentation, you should visit! These links take the viewer to an active video of the animation presented within the presentation. Students greatly enjoy seeing how "Gertie the Dinosaur" and "Steamboat Willie" paved the way for "Toy Story."

You are welcome to download this presentation (click on the "view on slideshare" link on the presentation below. Once you arrive at click on the "download tab that appears above the presentation) and use it in your classroom.